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Where each melody tells a story and every performance is a journey – discover a world where music transcends the ordinary.



Erne Castillo, born Ernesto Enriquez Castillo in the rhythmic heart of Cuba, has etched his name into the world of music as a very seasoned guitarist. From the tender echoes of his childhood, filled with the vibrant sounds of his homeland, to the grand stages of international acclaim, Erne's journey is a testament to his deep-rooted passion and commitment to the art of music.

From a young age, surrounded by the rich cultural tapestry of Cuba, Erne was captivated by the alluring language of melodies and rhythms. His early years were spent in the nurturing environment of Havana's music scene, where the young Ernesto's talent blossomed under the warm Cuban sun. Recognizing his extraordinary potential, he honed his skills at the National School of Instructors in Havana, laying the foundation for a future filled with harmonic explorations.

It was in the historic enclave of Casco Historico, Havana's oldest district, where Erne first made his mark. His performances there were more than mere acts of music; they were spirited celebrations of Cuban tradition, imbued with a soulful energy that left audiences mesmerized.

In the year 2000, Erne's musical voyage took a pivotal turn as he stepped onto the global stage. From the International Guitar Festival to the Mosaic and Singapore Jazz Festivals, his performances have not only showcased his extraordinary talent but have also brought the essence of Cuban music to the world. His humble nature and dedication to his craft have remained constant companions throughout his journey, endearing him to both audiences and fellow musicians.

As a composer, Erne Castillo brings a unique flavor to his creations, blending the traditional sounds of Cuba with contemporary influences to create music that transcends time and place. His original compositions are not just pieces of music; they are stories told through strings and notes, each resonating with a piece of his soul.

Beyond his life on stage, Erne's commitment to music extends to the realm of education. As a devoted teacher, he shares his knowledge and passion with aspiring musicians, guiding them with a gentle hand and an encouraging word. His influence as an educator is a reflection of his belief in the transformative power of music and its ability to enrich lives.

Today, Erne Castillo stands as a figure of musical excellence, a bridge between cultures, and a beacon for aspiring artists. His journey is a vivid illustration of a life lived in harmony with one's calling, a life where every strum, every chord, and every note is a celebration of music's endless beauty.


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A Look at Some of My Most Memorable Performances


  • Fringe World Music Festival Australia 2024



  • Latin Music Festival Singapore 2023



  • Fringe World Music Festival Australia 2020



  • Fringe World Music Festival Australia 2019



  • Singapore International Jazz Festival 2017



  •  ijen Summer Jazz 2016 Indonesia  



  • ​International Jazz Festival 2016 Singapore 



  • Mosaic Music Festival  Singapore ​


  • Gunung Jazz festival 2015 Indonesia



  • International Jazz Festival 2014  Singapore 



  • International Guitar Festival  2008 Singapore



  •  World Music Festival WOMAD  Singapore 



  • International Jazz Festival  Thailand 2003

Explore the moments behind the music – a collection of memories, each picture a note in my journey




"Para Cachao" is an original composition and production dedicated to the legendary Cuban bassist Israel 'Cachao' López. This piece is a heartfelt tribute to Cachao's enduring influence in the world of music, particularly in the realms of mambo and Afro-Cuban jazz. It encapsulates the vibrancy and soul of Cuban rhythms, celebrating the legacy of a true musical innovator.



"Aquella Primavera," an original composition recorded in Singapore and fully produced in New York City, is a heartfelt tribute to the timeless allure of Brazilian music. Infused with a distinct 3/4 signature, this piece reimagines the classic bossa nova through my own lens, blending rhythmic elegance with a fresh, personal touch."



Captured in a series of short clips, my performance at the Singapore International Jazz Festival 2017 showcases a significant moment as the opening act for Al McKay’s Earth, Wind & Fire Experience. The event was a vibrant showcase of my original music, setting the stage with a unique blend of rhythms and melodies for an unforgettable evening.



"Inner Tide" is an artistic voyage, a vibrant synthesis of my Afro-Cuban roots entwined with the eclectic tapestry of world music. This album, my first venture into a fully produced realm of original compositions, is an audacious exploration of sound, bursting with color, emotion, and spirit. Steering away from the confines of traditional Cuban music, it delves into a realm where the fiery beats of Afro-Cuban heritage blend seamlessly with a myriad of global rhythms, creating a rich, pulsating soundscape that speaks to the soul.

In this vibrant creation, "La Puerta" stands as a focal point, embodying the spirit of global community and collaboration. This track, an emblem of the Inner Tide Album, is where the heartbeats of diverse cultures converge, shaped by contributions from around the world. As a celebration of our shared humanity, "La Puerta" promise a blossoms with the unique inputs of individuals from different corners of the globe – their words, their rhythms, their stories. This collective creation not only highlights the rich diversity of our global community but also elevates the album into a mosaic of universal connection, echoing the depth and vibrancy of our interconnected world.


Heading 4




Greetings, Friends, Music Enthusiasts and Cultural Explorers! I'm over the moon to extend this joyous invitation to you for an exhilarating and soul-stirring adventure – the birth of  Inner Tide, my debut full-scale production album. Picture this: a musical celebration where the pulsating rhythms of my Cuban heritage meet the eclectic beats of world music. Inner Tide isn't just an album; it's a celebration of cultures, a tapestry of tunes celebrating our shared journey through life, music, and art.


​At the very core of this debut album is a collaborative anthem, a song called La Puerta. This track is not just a song; it's a fusion of passion and creativity from around the world, a testament to the power of collaboration and community efforts to support music and arts Stay tuned as we continue to blend your unique contributions into this evolving masterpiece! ​


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Exclusive Celebrations for Our Tribe 

For those who choose to support the making of Inner Tide, prepare for a world of exclusive treats. You're not just supporting an album; you're fueling a cultural movement. Your support unlocks access to unique content, early peeks at tracks, and an insider's view of this artistic voyage. You are the heartbeat of this project, and your support lights up this musical universe. Join me in this vibrant, uplifting journey, a reflection of our vibrant spirits, and an anthem of optimism and joy!

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